Busy Bee!

Well, last night was rather productive!!

I am pleased to say, that I successfully created this poster from scratch, in order to promote the Tequila Radio’s First Social event this school year, and I am quite proud of myself. Never done anything like this before, and I have to say from the feedback I have had, people seem to like it, and it should be going into print in the next week!!!! (I’ll post a picture, when it is up and about in university). Fingers crossed this poster will drag more people to the event!

After making the Tequila Poster, I was asked to make the Grease poster for the performance in November, which is awesome, I was meant to be in it, but due to a bad back it was not meant to be, slightly gutted, as I am sure it is AMAZING!!! looking forward to seeing it! Anyway, this is just a draft version, which is currently going through the director to make changes and then it’s onto making the tickets as well!

Just posting this blog, to ask your thoughts on the posters? Improvements you can see to make, and general tips??

Love Love