BBC – Single Father

All I can say is wow. Single Father is an amazing programme, and it just shows what an amazing actor David Tennant is!

Yes I am a fan of David Tennant, from his Casanova days and Dr.Who days, but it is one of the most heart wrenching drama’s that I have watched in a while.

Safe to say, I cried the majority of the way through both episodes.

Mick Ford who’s the series writer has done an excellent job on this one. It raises a lot of questions, and gives us an insight to those who have lost wives, husband’s, dads, mums and family to one of life’s horrible turns. All of this is shown through Tennant’s acting, as well as the other actors on the show. We can only imagine and watch in ore as the range of emotions are shown through the series.

All I can do is aspire to be as good and brilliant as that.

I can’t wait for the other episodes!!

Definitely one to watch. Thumbs up to the BBC!

BBC – Single Father


11 thoughts on “BBC – Single Father

  1. Fantastic series, loved every minute. David Tennant and Suranne Jones were totally beleivable. Kids were brilliant too. Know it was right to make it only four episodes but am also gutted it has finished. Best programme on the TV for a long time!

  2. Fantastic drama. The kids were great and the dynamic of the family really worked. Best four Sunday nights of tv for a long time!!

  3. Great production, great credible casting, but Tennant’s accent and dialogue impossible to understand most of the time, even worse when he eats.. and speaks. Am I the only one with the problem?

    • His accent is not that strong. Never really understood the non-scot’s inability to decipher a scottish accent – I can understand Southern accents!

  4. I LOVE watching Single Father! It’s absoloutely brilliant! Makes me happy when I watch it. I don’t want the series to end but to the director of this programme please please bring series 2 asap if you can because I just love watching it.

    Well done. x

  5. This series was brilliant. David Tennant shows every type of emotion perfectly and this shows what a talented actor he is. Suranne Jones was excellent as Sarah and Natasha Watson (Lucy) has a promising career ahead of her. The children and supporting cast were excellent. I have enjoyed every minute. There are some cliff-hanging questions and if the writer can make a good dramatic second series, with the same stars, then I say go ahead.

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