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With University, I have agreed to take part in a project that collaborates with the YMCA and Boomerang.
The first meeting was a few weeks ago, and there we met the project runners and some of the people involved.
The project is about telling the stories of the people at the YMCA, and how they have gone through their life and their troubles. The people for obvious reasons are un-named, and their identities are kept a secret, but the end aim of the project is to produce a film for each story and to post this on the internet.

Today, we had our first story told, and I was there to record it with two of my course mates.
The person we met, could have talked forever! We were sat in the room with them for over an hour, and didn’t get a word in edge ways… but wow, what a story! I could have listened to them for a lot longer, and there were so many more stories to be told from the one main one.
The whole story centred around Alcoholism, and how that effected their life, as to be honest, it was about as average as mine and yours, until it all went wrong.
They told us about how it happened, and it all started off with their partner leaving them, and it sent them on a downward spiral. They told us about how the alcohol drove them, and how they relied so heavily on alcohol, it began to replace a lot of meals as money started to run out.
What was interesting was how many hostels they went to and how hard it was to get into a hostel and find some floor space to sleep on, and they had slept on the street and anywhere they could find shelter and warmth. They told us about the crimes they committed, and the crimes that got committed on them, being mugged many times and having all their possessions virtually disappear. The final throw was when they got beat up, and was hospitalised with a fractured neck, broken ribs and their face kicked in.. this was when the YMCA offered them a place to stay, and their life turned around.
The YMCA helped them find a flat, where even though the drinking continued, they had a roof over their head and a place to sleep. Until they started suffering from fits due to the excessive drinking. That was when they were sent into detox, and made a change for the better.
It will be 1 year sober on the 31st October, and around 3 years this month since the YMCA took them in, but they are happy, and their life is finally back on track.

Hearing this person’s story, just makes me realise how great and perfect my life is. Yeah it’s had it’s ups and downs, but overall I can’t really complain…. a wake up call to anybody. I am really looking forward to making this story into a film, as well as hearing the other stories of the people at the YMCA.

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3 thoughts on “YMCA Project

  1. I am doing a documentary much like what your film is about. I want to dig into the lives of the homeless and drug addicts. Would the YMCA be a good place to get good stories? Have you any contacts you could help me with? Or any ideas? I am basing my documentary along the lines of the Swansea Love Story, if you have seen that.

    • The YMCA would be a really good place to start, also try the hostels around the area. Tresillan House is a hostel that I know of…. also try Witchurch hospital, because they run a detox programme. I don’t have any contacts, because this is something I am doing with Steve Fisher, and the uni… but it might be worth contacting him about your project. He might be able to offer you some advice, and possibly be able to get you some stories… but obviously with our project the people’s identities are hidden…
      I’ve not seen Swansea Love Story… what is it about?

      • I just read your blog…. oh my word!!
        That is awful!
        Your best bet is to go to the places that I said in my last reply..

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