London Media Trip – Next Step Forward 04/11/10

Set up a facebook group today for the London Trip, I’m hoping that this will mean people who join are people who want to get involved and go.

I am still really nervous about this though, not many people have shown me interest so far, yes granted, it is in the early stages, however I would have thought at the talk of a London Trip people would be on the bandwagon!

Right okay, because I would like to be able to offer it to people on my course, as well as others if they are interested, I need to cater for a wider audience, rather than just Journalism, although a lot of my course is doing Major Radio it would benefit them to visit a station in London.

Getting to the BBC, Newspapers, Magazines, Advertising companies, Film companies, possibly try and get a press talk from a west end show or something along those lines?

With the BBC, because they do the news, tv programmes, and radio, I think it would be a good idea to try and get a talk from all areas…

Maybe I could even approach Radio 1 and ask for a talk from them, and the presenters.

My hopes for the trip are to be fun for everyone, a trip to the BBC would cater for all, but then I know I need to cater for Journalism students, and I’m not exactly the genius writer or anything, so I’m a little hazy of what I should do for them. Ideas would be much appreciated!

Other ideas are for people to video around London, and produce a home video of what we are doing, and their thoughts, as well as have a bit of fun with it!
& If anyone is a budding photographer, to go out photographing parts of the city that we all would like to see – but these are more activities that can be done on the way to places, or in the evening.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Love Love