London Media Trip – Travel

Travelling to London –

Now, as everyone knows there are various ways of getting to London… the best I feel will be by coach. Megabus or National Express would be our best bets, as they are the cheapest.

There is the Train, which will be a little more expensive.

OR… if people have cars and are willing to drive down then this might be an option too… (obviously car to person ratio would have to be a big factor on this)

After searching a little into it tonight on the internet, I found these (please ignore dates, and number of passengers- National Rail and Express I did the maximum it would let me do) :

Megabus – for 25 students to travel:

National Rail – for 8 students to travel:

National Express – for 19 adults to travel:

Judging from this, I feel that the Megabus would be the best and cheapest way to travel, as they accept NUS cards – so I suggest that if you haven’t got a NUS card, you get one now!

Next on my agenda – Hotels

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