Warwick Emanuel – Work Experience – Day 4




Horrible morning this morning. and from being in work last night (but fair play, I got a decent racking in of tips in the 3 and a half hours I was there…) safe to say I am a sleepy girl, and is on the Relentless today, not looking forward to tonight in work and getting up tomorrow morning!

Anyway, arrived in the office, and asked if there was anything that the team would like me to do. Victoria sent me a list of names of guest’s that haven’t replied for their attendance to the Surface Water Management Conference on the 23rd of November. My task was to phone all the names in ‘yellow’ up on the list to try and get them to say Yes or No.

I feel I did quite well in presenting myself over the phone to the guest’s, and managed to successfully comfirm 3 people attending, and confirm that 5 people were not.

Receptionist could be a possible career choice? Haha!

The other 21 people I am still waiting for reply’s from, but I got through to them all, and they all have e-mails re-sent etc. Bar a minor slip up of answering a incoming call when the phone was in my hands it went well!

Through the day I recieved a number of emails with confirmation to the event, as well as been given the task of making the badges for the guest’s to wear – cutting them up and putting them into clips.

After I had done this, I sat and sorted through the Welsh Water Paper Clippings – putting them into date order and categoiries.

Then went off to design a poster for Niki (Account Director), for Willmott Dixon, as WEPR is their communications team, and wanted a poster for them to put in their office to let them know who they were speaking to and who to call, which I will post on my blog tomorrow so you guys can see the final version =).

So basically today was mostly PR work, and although it was the ‘more boring’ stuff that PR entails it was a learning experience, and something that I would consider doing in the future.

Love Love