London Media Trip 2011 – 11/12/10 (Letter)

Letter sent to Craig today, to try and get the head of departments support on the trip.

I am writing this to inform you of the London Media Trip taking place Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th of February 2011. This is a fantastic opportunity for the 3rd year Media and Creative students of Glamorgan University  to visit some of London’s most influential and media related attributes, such as BBC, Radio 1, ITV, British Film Institute, ITV, House of Commons and more.

On the trip will be a learning curve for any media student, with talks from people in the industry and tours of these places, hopefully giving students on the trip a wider knowledge of the field, and valuable information that they can take away in order to put into practice with applying for Post-Graduate jobs in the coming year. It is also a chance for the students to network with industry professionals and with one another, which could result in useful contacts for future projects that may pass them in their studies.
The trip ran successfully last year, and was only open to Journalism students where they visited the BBC new rooms and unseen areas of the House of Commons, thanks to contacts with the university. This year I would like to expand the opportunity to all 3rd year and MA students who would be interested on the trip, giving us all a chance to explore London, and what it has to offer.

Any information about the progress of the trip can be found on my website: in my blog, but as Social Media seems to be the way forward in informing the student population of events and social gatherings, I have also created a facebook group in order for students to communicate with each other, and myself about the trip: . This will be used as a main point of contact for the trip, as it is one of the most accessible and easiest ways to inform the student body of updates and information. Alternatively they can e-mail: .

A £15 deposit is required, which will be put towards the remanding cost of the trip, this deposit is due in on Friday 14/1/11 at 4pm. Deposits are to be paid to the Cash Office.

At the present time the trip is taking place over 4 days and 2 nights, which will cost £28 (not including travel, however if 25 students with NUS extra cards travel with Megabus it works out to be £7 return), however students have the option, as if they wish to stay for 1 night (23rd Feb) for £14, find their own way down and back they are more than welcome to do so.

This is a great opportunity for any Media Student to take part in.

I hope that you can inform all students you feel this trip would be relevant to, and I hope that you can support me in my attempts to pull this trip off, any contacts that you might have to the BBC and other places listed on my website would be appreciated.

Many Thanks