London Media Trip – Progress Report 10/12/10

The latest update in the world of the London Trip has arrived!

Finally, back in Nottingham, with Internet! So I have a bit to try and catch up on, which includes looking for Post-Grad jobs, as well as trying to contact a number of people about London as well as various other bits and pieces!

So, here we go:


After having a meeting with Craig today, and discussing our options we came to the decision to extend the deadline to: 4pm on the 14/01/11 .  Which is the 1st week back of term, and also when you should have your student loans, which means no body has the “I Have No Money” excuse! But, please do not leave it until this last possible minute, as I would like confirmed numbers as soon as I can to make a move on booking places to stay, travel and what not! Deposit is £15 and secures your place on the trip (this will be taken off the total cost p/p of the trip). Please send deposits to the cash office.

Sign Up Sheets

Sign up sheets are avaliable on the facebook page: CLICK, be sure to sign up to the places where you want to go to before spaces go!

If your not on facebook, then please e-mail me or the group e-mail which is: Your details (Name, Student Number, Contact E-Mail, Year and Course) as well as the places you would like to go. So I can add you to my list’s!


After a discussion with the class today, as well as Craig, sponsorship and funding came into question. Their is an idea that I approach advertising companies, the west end shows, Tequila Radio and Glamorgan, Megabus and National Express (etc) to fund us or offer us something (West End for example – if we advertise on my website, facebook etc then we get X amount of free tickets or a discount to see one of their shows), in order to save a little bit of cash (i.e – saves us spending more money!)

Trip Awareness

Although the trip is internally aware, we need to try and get some more people involved. Therefore, posters will be put up around university, and I ask you to tell your peers about the trip, tell them to join the facebook group and get involved.

I am also writing a ‘proposal’ letter to Craig to forward to the head of departments, for them to send off to students to try and boost numbers. If we can hit 47 students then we can hire a private coach, if Mega bus don’t do us a deal.

As well as this, thoughts were to create a Video Diary of the trip that can go Viral onto Glamorgan’s website, as well as our blogs and other pages. This would be a good way to get sponsorship and funding from places, as it shows their brand, and what they offer, which could end in us getting discounts and free stuff…. which is always good! It also means those who are willing to help out with this Video Diary – please get in touch!

Dates, Accommodation and Money

The set dates for the trip is Tuesday 22nd – Friday 25th.

Which means 2 nights and 4 days in London, total cost £28 for 2 nights at the Hostel – St. Christopher’s Hammersmith, in a 6 bed mixed en-suite, which includes B&B.
This does not include travel or other expenses, but if 25 of us go via Megabus with NUS extra cards then it equals to £7 return extra, again I may be able to strike a deal, which may work out cheaper again.

Your other option is, to pay £14 and stay for the 1 night on the 23rd, but find your own way down to London on the 23rd and find your own way back on the 24th – I need to find out how many people (if you are) are interested in this option as we might be able to negotiate a discount with Megabus if there is a group of you.

Schedules and Other

Schedules of where we are going and when will be posted up as and when we start making bookings. As of yet nothing is guaranteed, or set in stone apart from the date, price is subject to change, but if it does then I will let everyone know.

Photography and Filming – once I have booked the places, I will ring up a week or two before and confirm the booking and ask if we can take photo’s and film (one for the video diary which will raise awareness for the company etc), as I know many people will want to take photographs and video on the trip.

If for some reason you can’t get in contact with me then please contact Emma Ellis or Hannah Bone, who are both helping me out on the project, their e-mails can be found on the facebook group.

Alternatively visit the 2nd floor Fridays 3-5 in the computer room next to the TV studio, where you will find any of us!

Until Next Time!

Love Love