No Rest For The Wicked!

Is hoping that after all this time, my hard work is paying off!

A few fantastic opportunities have headed my way in the last few weeks, and I hope that they work out for the better!

The first is an opportunity with the BBC, where I have been put through to the 3rd stage of the interview process, and I am just waiting for an opportunity to come up in the next 18 months for a Marketing and Communications Graduate Job at Salford Quays! This (if I can get it) would be a fantastic opportunity for me, and would be an amazing first step into the Media World.

The second, is some work experience at Atticus, a digital media company down in Cardiff Bay, the company specialise in Video Production, Website, Graphic Design, Marketing, PR, Branding, Advertising and 2d and 3d animation. I have been offered a chance to do some work there between my studies and job, which will be an amazing opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge about the industry, and fields that I would like to explore!

The third, is some freelance work with Warwick Emanuel in the New Year, this job is still un-confirmed, so I hope it goes ahead, which means I will be off to London to film with them!

I am SO excited, and pray that these all work out! Luck may finally change! =)

Love Love

Merry Christmas!