London Media Trip – Countdown Begins!

Hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year, but now is the time to get serious…….


Everyone interested in the trip that deposits are due in on the 14th of January to the Cash Office. This is £15 per person (this cash sum will be taken off the total cash to pay…)

I also urge you to join up to the Facebook Group, as this is where you will hear the latest on the progress of the trip, and details about the schedule and what’s going on etc, this is also the main and easiest point of contact for us all.


Once the deadline has closed then a meeting will be called within the week to arrange what students want to go for what length of time (whole trip, 1 night or 2 nights). That way it will make things much easier for me to arrange with the Hostel and Travel people.

I have e-mailed the group bookings for the hostel, as well as megabus and a private coach hire company (as they seem to prefer getting e-mails rather than phone calls…… which is fine by me! It just means a little bit of waiting around…). So fingers crossed they will get back to me and it will all be good news!

If we can get a private coach hire for less than megabus then it might be possible to go to Pinewood Studios (as it is a way out of London, and we would not really have the time to go unless it was arranged on the 25th (day we travel back)), but this will obviously depend on what is going on at Pinewood at the time, and also on cost’s.


Love Love