Atticus Digital – 19/1/11

Second work experience day at Atticus, and another learning experience.

AM – had to superimpose a foot back onto a man’s body, as it was filmed on a green screen, the actor moved quickly, and the foot got lost in post-production. I feel I did quite well in making the foot as realistic as possible, and hopefully it gets the result required for the film to work. The only problem is, after editing it all in photoshop on a tiff sequence, we couldn’t get it to work back with the actually footage sequence to put into the film…. hope the guys have it figured out for next week!

PM – after taking my mac into get fixed, and coming out £64 out of pocket because it needed a new battery, I had to edit a montage for a client and add a few new images to it, then went home to sleep! haha


Next week after the 3D project is done, I have been told that I can be taught how to use After Effects, which will be awesome for my university projects! =)

Looking forward to it! =)