If An Opportunity Knocks, Take It With Open Arms!

Well two fantastic opportunities came my way today, and I have accepted both with open arms!


The first is an opportunity to do some Marketing and Advertising work experience with Candy Jar, I will be finding out more next Thursday morning, and I will also get to see my presenting work that I did for them last month, which should be cool and interesting to see. =)





I have also been asked to star in my little brother’s Thriller film, as the lead female protagonist Zoe Moon, which I will be filming on the 27th February when the family come down to visit. Should be fun and interesting as it is such a long time since I did my Thriller film back in college, and all the memories will come flooding back! Following in his sisters footsteps, and I wish him the best of luck with it! Read the character profiles and progress HERE.





Obviously I can expand more once I know exactly what I will be doing, so stay tuned!