London Trip – The Day Has Arrived!

So the day has come to commence the journey to London, and I am feeling a bit nervous about it all, we’ve got a schedule and lots of things to do and get through. After months of planning and not always getting where I wanted, it’s taken shape. Just gutted that we couldn’t get BBC TV studios! (damn half term!)

It’s all very exciting and I just hope that it goes well!

We set off from Cardiff tomorrow at 12.30pm and should arrive in London at 3.45pm providing good traffic and nothing goes wrong! Then it’s off to the hostel and to decide what we want to do that evening. I think a lot of people want to go to the Imax where ‘Tron’ and ‘Tangled’ are playing, so that could be a good shout!

On wednesday is probably our busiest and hectic day! We pretty much have the morning to do what we want, I’m planning to suggest to go site seeing, and do all the touristy stuff, as it’s London… so why not! I have got two of the group members into an open day at Escape Studios which is a visual effects and CGI school. Then for 8 of us it’s off to Radio 1 at 12.45 and then to the House of Commons at 3.25 for a tour then to BBC World Service for a talk which should last us till around 7pm, then it’s to decide what to do that evening. Thanks to one of the group member’s it’s been suggested that we should go and see a production of Twelfth Night at a nearby theatre, which would be a good shout!

Thursday we are going to see ‘The Wright Stuff’ (ch5 – 9am) in the morning, then to the Guardian News and Media Centre or to see ‘The Horne Selection’ – (Radio – 4 3pm), then I guess it’s time to party!!

Friday morning we are traveling to Teddington Studio’s where we will get a tour of the lot and a chance to see some of the things that they have going on there, before getting the Megabus at 4pm to come back to Cardiff..

I hope that the trip provides a good experience for everyone, I think it’s going to be useful for contacts and information, but an experience as well, most of the students will be walking into a busy media workplace for the first time, so it should be interesting to see the hustle and bussle of the London Media Vibe.

So much stress, and it’s going to be over so quickly! Fingers are crossed for a fab trip!