Candy Jar – Day 1 – 1/3/11

I had my first day at Candy Jar today, and it was really good fun!

I made 2 websites on wordpress, their content is still underway but the basis are there!

The first is for Eileen Younghusband and a website for her book ‘One Woman’s War’ which is due for release in May 2011, the book is about her journey through World War Two, and how her unit helped defend Britain from attacks whilst completely underground. At the time she was only 18, and at 89 she has now had a very successful and full life!

The second website I made today was for another book being published by Candy Jar called ‘The Diddy Tree’, this book is to help aid parents with children who are reluctant to give up their dummies. It follows the story of Lee a young 3 year old boy who loves his dummies! The book is written by Michelle McKenna and illustrated by Terry Cooper. Also due for release later this year.

During my day, I also had to do a voice over for an video/advert for Meic, which is a helpline for young people and children up to the age of 25. The service is free and confidential and helps all aspects of life, whether it be studies, home, health, etc the Meic team are there to help you. Should be funny hearing my voice! Looking forward to seeing the finished product… Another one to put on the CV!

The next few weeks should be fun, as I am being challenged to a range of different tasks, stay tuned for more updates! =)

In other news, I have landed a runner job with BBC1 ‘The Big Questions’, which is a live broadcast, which means that this Sunday I will be up at silly o’clock in the morning making my way down to Ely to help with the Broadcast, again, it’s another one for the CV and it should be great fun and experience to have that opportunity to work with media¬†professionals.

Good and Productive Day!