Attempts On Her Life – Progress 13/3/11

This is a short one……..

Small steps, but it’s still progress.

I’ve managed to storyboard Scenario 1 and Scenario 9. Showing what I want from the scene at certain points.

Scenario 11 I am feeling nervous about story boarding, because it is quite difficult to explain what I want from the scene, as well as Scenario 5, which I can’t do until the music has been completed.

It does mean however I can make a start on filming 1 and 9.

In the next week I want to record all the voice overs, and have them edited, and if I can have Scenario 1 filmed, which means I need someone to help me with the camera work….

This will also mean I have the time frame I am working to. I know that the music video will be 1 min long, so I just have to make sure that the rest add up to 9 minutes.

Filming Dates =

18/3/11 – Scenario 1 – Messages Deleted

4/4/11 – Scenario 9 – Threat of International Terrorist

11/4/11 – Scenario 11 – Untitled

13/4/11 – Scenario 5 – The Camera Loves You