Forever In A Memory – Filming 26th and 27th March

Into the final few days of filming now, and then it’s onto editing!

Was a bit of a funny week last week in regards to filming this weekend, times changing because of other commitments between actors, and generally everything was complicated, but we pulled through.

Saturday we re-shot the kids breakfast scene, with our shoot ranging from 12 – 2.30pm, with a few changes to last time, and from what I saw through the camera it all looked a lot more “realistic” and believable. With a bumpy start to the day, and a major technology fail with Lowri and Rhianna turning up to shoot at the original time of 10am, because they didn’t get my e-mails or text messages, we were finally able to get on with the shoot at 12.

The kids did a fantastic job of making a mess of my living room! HaHa! Cereal got everywhere, but me and Emily were very proud of them for their great work throughout this project. The changes we made to the scene was due to the fact that Rocco was late to shooting because of a stage coach performance, so after he arrived at 1.45, we were already half way through shooting, because we couldn’t afford to waste any more time. We had already filmed Lowri and Rhianna playing on the floor and performing with Chris, and then moved onto the main chunk of the scene, where the girls were going to spill the cereal. To give Rocco a fair chance, we decided to give him lines, which were when he was trying to get the girls to stop messing around with the cereal and it spilling everywhere. I was really pleased with all the kids, they were fantastic through this shoot, lots of energy, and great performances. They remembered everything they were meant to do, and took direction brilliantly.

Sunday we shot the last scene, the second scene and an scene in the middle, we filmed from 11am – 3pm. The performances for the last scene were fantastic, and by using a secret weapon Chris, Helen and Fay were all teary eyed and ready to go. Fay’s performance during this scene was fantastic, it looked great on camera and was really believable. Me and Emily had our worries about this scene not being emotional enough, but it worked out fantastic, and was really believable! I have to say, trying to film in a bedroom is quite difficult, and even though mine is a good enough size, it was a tight squeeze trying to get us all in, and to get everyone in shot, but I think we managed it. The last shot we did of the last scene I think is great, and really gives that sense of “walking into the light”. We were also really happy with the re-shoot of the second scene, we changed the lighting and made it a lot more natural than before, and used different shots to cover the action. I think this will lead to a more realistic portrayal, especially with the shot of blood trickling down Fay’s face.

We’ve got one more shoot to go, which we are filming tomorrow, and that is the Library Scene (which was meant to be the school scene, but because Cardiff High School never got back in touch, we decided to change it), and the Field Scene, with Fay and Pete.

It also means I have to do a new location sheet, we have to do some script re-writes and we have got a fair bit of research to do on topics covered in the film.
Still got hopes for the film, but no response from anywhere yet…  I think I’ll try harder once the film is completed, until now, there are more important things to be getting done, like editing and such.

I will be so happy when filming is over, and I can’t wait to see the final result, the only thing between us reaching that goal at the moment is importing footage and the countless edit’s to get there…. Looking at the tapes on my desk means that there is at least 3 and a half hours of my life right there importing footage…. Gutted!

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