The End Is Near

Yes, indeed the end is now near!

Both my 10 minute films have been completed and handed in, and with a lot of effort, tears, tantrums and whatever else you want to add to the mix, I am now nearing the end of my university life!

I am really happy with both films, and just hope that my grades now reflect the effort I put into both of them!

Attempts is possibly my greatest achievement, as I have taken a lot away from it, and learnt a lot of new skills through producing and editing the film. Upon showing the film yesterday to the class and other students on the course, I got some really good praise from the film, saying how cleverly it was put together and how well edited it was. Which is a real confidence booster, and great to hear about your work, and something you set out to achieve!

Forever In A Memory, is another great achievement, after starting the year with no partner in crime, and not really knowing where to go with the project I feel that I have come a long way, and gained a new friend out of all of it. I was so happy with the performances from the actors, and how the film turned out in the end. Thought I was going to fall at the final hurdle, when our lecturer hit us with a few bombs, but they were overcome and I think we’ve got a great final product!

Just 2 essays to hand in now, and then I am done!