40891_478366849679_703514679_6967010_1089425_nSophie Louise Kish, was born in the East Midlands, from a very young age she was always performing, putting on concerts for her family.

At the age of 11, she went to Theatre Train, where she trained in various styes of Acting, Singing and Dancing. She performed with Theatre Train, in Manchester during a Motown themed performance in 2002.

At the age of 11 she started high school, she was in 2 school musicals, the first at the age of 13 where she starred in ‘Our Day Out’ playing the part of ‘Girl 1’ and the second at the age of 14, where she took on the lead role in ‘Dracula Spectacula’ of ‘Nadia Niave’. During her school years she also performed during the school concerts, singing her own songs, as well as others.

Just after her role as ‘Nadia’, she started singing lessons, and at the age of 15, passed a grade 5 in Musical Theatre, she also continued to write her own songs on piano, and taught herself the guitar until college.

In 2006, she went to College. Through college she put on many performances and took Media, Drama, Performance Studies and Music Techology. She performed in Nottingham’s Market Square for a community performance piece with her Performance Group. She recorded a cover of ‘Closest Thing To Crazy’, as part of her AS levels. Through college she studied and practiced Brecht, Shakespeare, Matthew Bourne and many more.

In 2008, she moved to Cardiff to start her degree in Performance and Media, through the years of her course she has studied various modules, such as; Theatre Practice, Radio Presentation, Radio Drama, TV Presentation, Performing for Camera, Film and Video, and Cinema.

She has starred in many of her own films, as well as other student films through the course of her degree, and is also the lead promoter for the universities Radio Station.

Through her degree she joined Edward Wyman casting agency, and has done various supporting artists roles on Pobol Y Cwm.

During her time in Wales she worked part time as a waitress for a Popular Restaurant/Pub Chain in Cardiff, and also does promotional work, including flyering, and has a big part in the marketing and promoting of the Christmas period, where she put together a buisness back, and has gone round Cardiff’s local business’s and high street stores telling them about Christmas. She has also set up a referal scheme for hotels and bridal shops, where they give their customers and guest’s a voucher off to eat at the resteraunt.

She took up a number of work placements over late 2010 and early 2011, to learn new skills and develop existing ones to help her career in the media industry. These have been at Warwick Emanuel PR and Film, Atticus Digital and Candy Jar Limited.

In the half term of February 2011, she arranged a Media Trip to London where she arranged visits to some of the best know media industries in London, the BBC World Service and Radio 1, The Guardian, Teddington Studios, got into the audience on ‘The Wright Stuff’ and ‘The Horne Section’ as well as into the House of Commons. The trip ran successfully with 18 students, and all were very happy with the results, which for Sophie was a big achievement.

During March 2011 she got a runners job on BBC1’s ‘The Big Questions’ and helped with the live airing on the 6th of March.

She completed her time at University in 2011, and officially obtained a 1st Class BA Honours award on the 27th of June, with her Graduation on the 5th of July.

After she attended a Film Networking and Casting event at Fat Cat bar, and met with the founders of Pop Art Wales. She worked with the team for a number of months, getting involved with all aspects of the business including graphic design, film work, presenting, editing and more!

In August 2011 she started working for a Brains Bar in the City Centre, and has spent a short time with the company in Head Office, working with their Retail Marketing department and Business Support, learning new skills in Marketing and Receptive work. During her time there she edited the Yard Bar and Kitchen’s website, created a website for the Duke of Wellington Cardiff, and concentrated most of her time on E-Marketing the managed pubs on the estate.

After her time in head office ended, she was set the challenge of maintaining and managing the Yard Bar and Kitchen’s online presence, as well as designing the Food Menus, ‘Your Yard’ and other promotional items.

Since leaving the Yard and moving back to Nottingham in May 2013, Sophie had the great opportunity in a marketing position at a company called The MailShop, a Direct Mail Fulfillment Company based in Nottingham. She was the Marketing and Graphic Design Executive for the company until March 2014, within this job she is able to put into practice off of her skills and continue to grow with Marketing knowledge.

She joined Absolute Design in April 2014, where she is now an Account Manager for the company, taking responsibility for the management of the WordPress accounts, and making sure that the client is happy and informed through the whole process of building a website!

In November 2013, Sophie joined the Beeston Musical Theatre Group where she  performed in her first show with them in May 2014 – JukeBox. She is now the promotions officer for the society and is looking forward to many more shows with the society!

She is also a part of Marvellous Prodcutions where she played the part of ‘Olive’ in ‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ the show was a raving success!