Yard Bar & Kitchen Business Pack

This is my latest project:

Yard Bar and Kitchen Business Pack


I’ve been set the task of putting together a Business Pack to promote the use of function space at the Yard!

In this pack there is all the information potential guests need to know, as well as other additions ready to be made once the packs are made up and ready to be posted such as menus, contact cards and flyers.



Pobol Y Cwm




Had a great time filming with the BBC last week, we were filming in Bridgend’s Designer Outlet. We were filming an episode that will air end of November, the director made me wear a santa’s hat, which lets face it, in the middle of October makes you look pretty silly!!!!! Looking forward to getting some more work with them in the future, and looking forward to seeing their new home when they move down to the bay in November!


Yard Bar & Kitchen

At the moment I am working at The Yard Bar and Kitchen in Cardiff, both as a waitress and also taking responsibilities in the marketing of the bar. So far this is going really well, and I have been working especially hard and getting the facebook ‘likes’ up, twitter running as well as website content and other quirky ideas.

I have been working on the website content of the Yard Bar, which will hopefully be changing soon, I still need to write a few more tweaks in, as well as edit the photographs that will accompany the writing. This will fingers crossed, bring the website up to date, and gain more business.

I have also been doing some creative work, in designing A Boards and had some fun drawing on mirrors!

I am really excited with some of the new events coming to the Yard, and how it is becoming a live music venue! We have already got a lot of bands booked for Friday nights, and DJ’s booked for Saturday’s! We are hoping to hold an Open Mic Night at the end of October as well! So, if you know anyone who can play, and wants to star in the open mic night then please contact me!

Now then! These may look weird, but I have seen them so much lately around Cardiff, on Bulmers bottles and what not, I decided to try and see whether I could create my own, luckily, I have an app that creates them! (YAY!) These are scan-codes, that you can scan in on any smart phone, and will link you directly to either the FACEBOOK (left) or TWITTER (right) Yard pages! This will be extremely useful on a Friday and Saturday night, when people will be able to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ us, straight after having their pictures taken!










I have also been working on the Yard Newsletter and Mailer with the assistant manager, and things are coming together well. We have some great content, and pictures to go along with it! I’ll be very excited to see them sent out, and being able to say that I have done that.

I am really excited and proud to see where this is going, and how much of an improvement it has made already!
What I would love to do now, is get some work experience in the marketing department at Brains, and see how they arrange all the formalities and the logic side of the work I have been doing. As the majority of it has been creative up until now.

I have got so many ideas for  this business, with menu designs, posters, events and more. We will just have to see how it all pans out!


New Blog!

Realised, I haven’t blogged for a while! OOPS!

Well, lots have been happening since I last blogged, I’ve moved back to Cardiff for good, living with some awesome people this year, and I am really looking forward to seeing the adventures we get up to!

I have found my self a new job, working at The Yard Bar in Cardiff, where I am waitressing, as well as taking care of the marketing for the bar. Check out the facebook page!  There is a lot changing in the bar, with new menus, a photographer and events at the weekends, as well as a new open mic night every month. The first one is taking place at the end of the month on Wednesday 26th October! I am really looking forward to seeing what talent comes into the Yard! As well as this, the website will be changing in the next few weeks! I am really happy that they have given me the opportunity to explore this area of work, as it has been a growing interest of mine for a while.

As well as this, I filmed my cousins wedding on the 8th of September, it’s gone very well, and I have recently completed the first edit. It was a lovely day, and I wish  all the best to the happy couple! =)

I am still currently designing the brochure for Decor Chic, we are at the finishing stages now! I can’t wait to see it printed out!


Keep Tuned! x

CountryFile Photography Competition

Now, I know I’m not a professional photographer, and I have only just started out, but after randomly watching CountryFile yesterday on television, they were talking about a competition where you could win equipment which equals 1,000 pounds!

So, I’ve gone out on a whim, and entered 4 photographs into the competition.

There are a few categories that you can enter in, but i’ve entered into wildlife, birds and plants.

Here are my entries, they are different, so fingers crossed eh?

For those who are also interested in photography and winning some equipment, then you should really enter the competition! It does close on the 12th of August though!

The categories are:

Wildlife, Insects and Spiders, In All Weathers, Working Animals, Leisure and Pleasure, The Lighters Side of Country Life, Plant Life, Landscapes, Water Worlds, Farm Life, Birds and Country People.

Entries send to: Countryfile Photographic Competition, BBC, The Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RF

Enter up to 4 photographs, but each photo can only be entered into one class.

Write your Name, Address, Number and what Class you want it judged in. =)

Got nothing to loose really!