2013: The MailShop Mailing Limited

As part of the MailShop re-brand, I created these videos to help promote the services that the company offers.

2012: Why Watch The Rugby With Us? – Yard Bar and Kitchen | SA Brain ltd

Role: Camera, Producer, Editor 

A small promotional video, to promote to the general public, watching sports and Rugby games in Brains pubs.

2012: The Nathan Wyburn Special – PopArtWales TV

Role: Presenter 

2011: Gofal Charity Ball – PopArtWales TV

Role: Presenter and Editor

Gofal Charity Ball, was amazing, learnt a lot about the Charity, and all the great work they do!

2011: Attempts On Her Life

Role: Director, Producer, Camera, Editor, Starring (basically everything) 

Attempts On Her Life, is a selection of Scenario’s adapted from Martin Crimp’s play ‘Attempts On Her Life’.
I decided to experiment with the editing on this shoot, and focused on different genres and ways of showing the scenes in film.


2011: Midnight:

Role: Zoe Moon

Screen Shot Taken From The ‘Midnight’ Blogging Site

‘Midnight’ is Richard Kish’s AS Thriller Project. To find out more about his work, and the methods behind how he got to the final product please follow this link: (CLICK)


2011: Forever In A Memory:

Team Position: Producer and Editor

Forever In A Memory is her 3rd year final Film and Video project.

The film is about a 16 year old girl who is having problems with her family life, and wants to feel a connection to someone. She turns to drugs which she found in her mothers stuff, that she rescued when her mother left her. Her father re-married not long after, and she felt left-out and alone. The plot follows her living her life day by day, with something not being right, she finds out the reasons in the end, and has to accept the consequences and forgive herself and her family in order to move on.

Here is the Pilot and Trailer for the 10 min film.

There are changes to be made as you will see in the Pilot, as we are planning to do a cartoon effect for the intro and the grainy images that you see through some of the transitions, as well as a range of close ups and more shots throughout the piece. You will also be able to see and understand much more behind the characters emotions and motives.

The pilot is just a feel for the film, she feels that it went extremely well and although there are improvements to be made, it is on it’s way to becoming a successful short film, to raise awareness for drug use and abuse.

The trailer, ultimately provides the ‘best bits’ of the pilot film, and gives you a all round feel of what the 10 min is about.


2010: Warwick Emanuel PR and Film – Community and Opinion Former Relations Video:
During my work experience at WEPR I had the opportunity to edit some of the films to go on their website and to be show at a conference. This is one of the films I helped edit, this film is on their website. Please click the link to view.


2010: Emily:

Part: Goth Girl
Role: Editor and Camera Ops

This was Sophie’s Fiction Film Project, where her and the fellow crew members co-starred in the piece.

The film is about a teenage girl who finds a lost dream-catcher that hold secret evil powers and the ghost of a little girl. The teen has vivid dreams about this girl, as if she knows her as her sister died when they were younger. In the end the teenager disapears and the dream-catcher gets passed onto the next victim.


2010: HaHa Bar and Grill – Promotions Video – Pimms Party

Team Position: Editor, Producer and Camera Ops

When I worked at HaHa’s I helped put together a Pimms Party for the New Menu Launch in 2010. This was to promote the menu launch and get the word out. To go along side this I decided to create a video.


2010: Forever Making Bubbles – The Making Of:

Role: Herself.
Team Position: Editor, Producer and Camera Ops

After collaborating with other film students for her own project, she made a mockumentary, where her, Megan Dixon and Joe Satari filmed behind the scenes of Forever Making Bubbles. To make things more exciting they took on exaggerated roles of themselves.


2010: Skye with an E:

Role: Extra in Coffee Shop
Team Position: Editor and Camera Ops

This was a 2 minute film made in January for Fiction Film.

The film is about a guy who has a phobia of women, this is the opening sequence, and initially we were planning to continue this into a 10 minute film where the guy overcomes his fear and moves on, however this shows the meeting with him and his therapist, who has been sent to help him get over his fear.


2009: Monologue:

Role: Girl

Sophie was required to memorise and perform a monologue to camera for part of her Year 2 Screen Performance module.

The scene was set up as though she was talking to a theropist or a friend in a documentary style.


2009: She Will Never Know Another Man:

Role: Extra in Park
Team Position: Editor

This film was inspired by a script, written by Sophie Johnstone a student at Glamorgan University. The story follows a woman through the streets and her life as a prostitue.


2009: Closer Remake:

Role: Alice
Team Position: Editor

Her final Year 1 project, was to create a scene remake of the play ‘Closer’.


2008: Anorexia:

Role: Girl
Team Position: Editor

A short project, which was based around the concept of eating disorders.


2008: Cardiff City Life – Documenting A Space:

Position: Producer, Camera Ops, Director, Editor

Her Video Production project was to document a space.


2007: She Never Even Told Me Her Name – Air Traffic:

Team Role: Producer, Camera Ops, Director and Editor

This was her A2 Media Music Video.


2006: Seventeen – Thriller:

Team Role: Editor, Camera Ops, Producer, Director

Sophie made a Thriller Opening in 2006 as part of her AS Media studies.

All the films and video’s Sophie has made can be found on:

Facebook,YouTube, and VodPod.