The MailShop Mailing Limited (Quasar, DPC, My Auto Bid)

Since joining the team in May 2013, I was given the mammoth task of re branding the business. This involved a complete overhaul of the website, promotional materials, e-marketing, print marketing (you get the picture). It’s lead me on quite a journey and I’ve already learnt a lot in the short time I have been there.

Over the course of the next year I will be going on a CIM Course to improve and expand my knowledge further.

I have also been given the task of implementing the online presence of other companies that the Directors of the MailShop own; Quasar Elite Nottingham,  Devonshire Private Clients and My Auto Bid. These are all secondary projects to the MailShop, but it gives me a good chance to learn a lot about different businesses as they all work and target a very different market.

The MailShop Signage

The MailShop Online Feedback Form

Quasar Group Bookings Form

Quasar Birthday Parties Booking Form

Quasar Family Fun Pass 402

Devonshire Private Clients Relevant Life Plan

Devonshire Private Clients Parcel Force  Depot

DCP Newsletter June 2013


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