After working with PopArtWales TV she has done some presenting work –

Gofal Charity Ball, was amazing, learnt a lot about the Charity, and all the great work they do!

“Marmite Man” – Pop Art Wales TV Special about Britain’s Got Talent Contestant – Nathan Wyburn

During her time in University, she was required to put together a short TV presentation, which consisted of a piece to camera, interview, autocue work in the studo, and a vox pop. Her short programme was based on the Sky 1 show ‘Angela and Friends’, and she targetd the topic of underage drinking in the UK and Wales.

On her trip to London there was a video diary made:

On the 17th of January 2011, she filmed a piece with Hubbub Media. The piece is about ‘The Comic Guru’ Comic Shop in Cardiff, and how its Geek Chic Boutique style helps business, and provides a new social aspect to the comic book shop.