Marvellous Productions


2014 – Present

‘The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee’ –
July 2014 – starred as ‘OLIVE OSTROVSKY’, Spelling Bee is a hilarious tale of overachievers’ angst chronicling the experience of six adolescent outsiders vying for the spelling championship of a lifetime. The show’s Tony Award winning creative team has created the unlikeliest of hit musicals about the unlikeliest of heroes: a quirky yet charming cast of outsiders for whom a spelling bee is the one place where they can stand out and fit in at the same time.

Beeston Musical Theatre Group

2013 – Present

‘JukeBox’ – May 2014 – played a number of roles in this performance, including the ‘Orange’ girl from Shout! singing ‘I Only Want To Be With You’, ‘Your My World/You Are All I See’ and ‘Lipstick on Your Collar’ from Dreamboats and Petticoats as well as in the Ensemble.

Glamorgan University

2008 – 2009

Theatre Practice

‘Real Life – was a drama based on the theme of perception and control, during this performance the cast drew up on each other’s fears and brought them to life on stage. My scene in this piece was when my fellow peers ran into the audience and forced them all to laugh at me, while I broke down n tears (we drew on ideas from Brecht’s work, asking the audience to question right and wrong).

‘War’ – was a interpretative piece based on the aspects of war, this involved audience participation, and a number of complicated lifts and motifs through the piece symbolising aspects of war. We drew inspiration from the poem ‘Flanders Field’

‘Love, Desired and Lust’ – was a comedy piece about a love triangle, we wanted the piece very melodramatic in the way it was performed. We used improvisation through the piece, with scripted points in order to keep track of time and scene, and left the ending as a cliff hanger to allow the audience to decided how the piece should  end.  The piece had a narrator and we performed the scenarios and scenes given, and as the narration went along.

‘Torture Chamber’ – was a piece that was site-specific, we were given a corridor beside the Theatre to base ours in, we chose to route the performance along as a torture chamber, asking the audience to be blindfolded and abusing their other senses – smell, taste, touch and hearing. We drew inspiration from Atraud’s ‘Theatre of Cruelty’.

Studied in devising and improvising, as well as Theatre Production techniques.


Bilborough College

2006- 2008

Drama and Theatre Studies (AS and A2 Level)

‘Strung Up’ – Played a Puppeteer in this devised performance. Based on Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty, we wanted it very melodramatic and surreal. Using different and easily interpreted characters such as a doll, and a clown. The piece involved physical theatre, vocal techniques and mime.

‘Attempts On Her Life’ – Scenario’s 5, 11 and 12 – We chose extracts from the script written by Martin Crimp in 1997, and interpreted them in a way to use Brecht’s practise, being able to bring the scenes into a more modern context. We used surrealism as the genre and theme we wanted to concentrate on. There were 3 of us in the group, and we portrayed 3 different characters. My character was ‘niave’ and ‘innocence’, which allowed me to bring out child like characterisation within the performance.

Performed a number of short devised and scripted pieces.

Studied Brecht’s techniques and practises of his ‘Epic Theatre’ as well as ‘Arturo Ui’ and ‘Threepenny Opera’, Artaud’s practise and techniques of his ‘Theatre of Cruelty’,  Shakespeare, Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters‘, and Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s ‘The Rivals‘, Timberlake Wertenbaker’s ‘Our Country’s Good’ among others. We also studied Theatre Production (Set Design, Costume Design, Lighting, Sound, Props etc)

2006 – 2008

Performance Studies (AS and A2 Level)

Nottingham Market Square Performance – We had to do a site-specific performance in the Market Square, drawing on the history of the square as well as the modern day elements. It involved the whole Performance Studies class, in this performance I played the guitar and sung, as well as danced and acted.

Dance Piece – We had to perform a solo dance piece, I performed an interpretative dance piece to Avril Lavignes ‘Anything But Ordinary’.

Performed a number of short devised, improvised and scripted pieces, based on practitioners studied, as well as own talents.

Covered – Dance, Acting and Music.

Studied and Practised in the styles of Brecht, Matthew Bourne, and other inspirational dance and theatre practitioners.


George Spencer School and Technology College


Drama GCSE

Performed in number of devised and scripted performances through the 2 years, including a piece about a torn family, as well as a piece about toy’s coming to life.

Also studied Traditional Theatre and Theatre Production.

2004 – Dracula SpectacularNadia Niave (Female Lead) – involved singing solo and in a group, as well as acting and using different characteristics once the character had turned into a Vampire.

2003 – Our Day Out Girl 1 – involved acting, dancing and singing in the chorus.


Theatre Train

2001 – 2003

Saturday School for the Arts, studied in Singing from contemporary songs to musicals, Dance from contemporary to classic and Acting improvisation, scripted and devised performance.

2003 – ‘Mowtown’ – Performed at Manchester as part of the chorus in the yearly production.


Bispham Drive Junior School

2001 – Bugsy Malone Dotty – played the role of Dotty in the Year 6 Production, I was also given a solo to sing.

We performed a play each year from Years 3-6.